Why is Digital Marketing the next big career opportunity

Internet is a very valuable resource for almost every single business in the world. It is very important for day to day operations and is one of the main pillars of success for an organization. Digital marketing is a major way for a company to promote itself. It stands to reason, that the opportunities in digital marketing are exploding with the advent to use of digital media as a major marketing strategy by all the companies. The use of digital media as a part of promoting a business or organization is on the rise and the demand for marketing professionals is immense now and will only keep increasing as more and more people start to use the internet.
This rise in the use of digital media has made sure that if the company does not use digital marketing, there is a chance they might fail. As more and more companies become aware of the requirement for digital marketing, the demand for people with the skills necessary to promote digital content has become more and more prevalent. The Times of India estimated that more than 1.5 lakhs of jobs were created in India in 2016 for the purpose of digital marketing.
Below are the list Digital marketing Careers possible for a person interested in the field.

Content Writers
The content that is posted by a company about itself, its products etc are what tell the potential customers about them. It is immensely important to get the right information across to the audience to makes sure that they buy the product offered. The content that is seen on various company websites is content that is often written by these content writers. If someone has a great grasp of the language, grammar and a way with words, even a degree may not be necessary for a person to get a job in content writing.
If not the ideal starting point is usually a degree in the language of interest. Getting training from a person who has experience in the field of digital marketing is essential for a person to succeed at the job. A person with experience of approximately two years will easily get 3 to 5 lakhs per annum in income.

Digital Marketing Management
A 5- year experience in the world of digital marketing can get a person into the position as a Digital Marketing Manager. If a person is able to prove their worth by actually proving their success with a successful marketing strategy, then even an MBA is unnecessary for getting a good offer on this job profile. The post is high paying at around a minimum of 8 lakhs – 20 lakhs of rupees per year.

Content Marketing Management
A job as a content marketing manager involves management of contents on multiple platforms such as blogs, emails, twitter, e books etc., The people working this job usually report to a digital marketing manager content marketing managers are either part of a team contributing to the marketing job or a single contributor. They usually have a team of people, usually content writers working under them and can earn up to around 10 to 15 lakhs per year.

Social Media Marketing
A social Media Marketing head should have a good grasp of workings of a social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, Blogger etc., which are essential to spreading awareness about the companies’ services or products. The function of the content marketing manager is to make sure that the best methods and content is put out in the world to increase a company’s reputation and business.

Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are one of the most important ways to manage and increase the Lead generation to a company’s website. The job usually involves knowledge about Web Analytics and Google Ad words. Big companies usually dedicate a SEM specialist to the sole requirement of handling the above-mentioned tasks. The work includes analysis, Keyword research, copywriting, bid management etc.
These job descriptions are only a few of the different jobs available to a person working in the field of digital marketing. This vast scope of job opportunities has to lead to opening up of special Digital Marketing Institutes that offer Digital Marketing Courses that can be taken for a short period of time to help better the job prospects for people.
Some of the Best Digital Marketing Courses offer specialized training in all of these functions. These Digital Marketing Training courses even facilitate obtaining a Google certification which is immensely valuable in landing a very high paying job and a great boost on the resume.
With the ever increasing demand for people experienced in digital media and the potential for a very high salary, the job market in Digital Marketing is far from saturation as it can possibly be. This is the best time to get into the field of marketing for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in the field.

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