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Google Adwords
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Are you interested to join the best Google AdWords Certification course in Bangalore?

Visit Digital Academy 360, Bangalore which is one of the best Google AdWords training institute in Bangalore. Google AdWords are a boon to advertisers as they can bid on specific keywords to get featured in Google Ads.

What is Google Adwords?

Google AdWords is mode of Google's advertising system advertisers can bid on certain keywords to make their clickable ads to get featured in Google's search results. It is paid advertising wherein the advertisers allocate budget to pay for the ad clicks.

The targeted keywords in ad text can help in converting prospect to sales leading to profit. Google AdWords' location targeting features is regarded as important for all the campaigns due to its targeted reach and audience feature especially for local businesses to advertise within a specific radius of their geographic location.

  • Sales / Marketing Professionals.
  • Students / Fresher’s / Under Graduates / Graduates.
  • Entrepreneurs / Business Owners.
  • Seeking for a career growth in Digital Marketing.
  • Freelancers.
  • Second career –Return from Break aspirants
  • Young student Entrepreneurs
    • Take Google Certification Exam free of cost and get Google AdWords promotional Offers. Digital academy 360 enables students to maintain large and small AdWords account with thousands of keywords in a campaign.
    • Our AdWords training will help the students to boost the business growth of companies by creating successful AdWords campaign, drive traffic to website and generate quality leads.
    • We support you to take up all the certifications from Google.
    • The students get to work on Live Campaigns and case studies for better understanding
    • Digital Academy 360 offers Google AdWords Courses in Bangalore with 100% guaranteed placements for its students. It has an exclusive career counseling module enabling students to learn soft skills and build their portfolio.
    • The advantages of Google AdWords course is to increase brand awareness, expect results faster than SEO, influence audience to purchase and outrank the competitor Ads, devise strategy focusing on reach and demographics of the targeted audience.
    • Google Adwords Fundamentals Certification
    • Google Ad words Display Certification
    • Google Ad words Search Certification
    • Google Ad words Video Certification
    • Google Ad words Mobile Certification

    Google Adwords Modules Covered

    • Introduction to Adwords
    • How to use Google adwords for business
    • Importance of Google adwords
    • How to create account
    • How to make payment
    • Types of Campaigns
    • How to segregate campaigns, adgroups and ads
    • How to reduce CPC for a campaign
    • Bidding options
    • Ads Appearance
    • A/B Split Testing & Multiple Ad Copies
    • What is Ad rank
    • How to measure a quality of a campaign
    • Tracking Conversions
    • Importance of Search Network
    • Keyword Research
    • Keyword Matching Process
    • Ad formats & Extensions
    • Ads, site quality and quality score
    • Keyword, bidding and targeting
    • Dynamic Search Ads
    • Call Only ads
    • Location Targeting
    • Performance monitoring and reporting
    • Optimizing performance
    • Reports, Evaluating and auction insights
    • Keyword insertion & count down timer setting
    • Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool
    • What is Display Advertising
    • When to choose display network
    • Meaning of Google Display Network (GDN)
    • Types of Bidding options available
    • Different ad formats under GDN
    • How to find Google partner websites
    • Difference between Image, Responsive and Video Ads
    • Targeting Objectives under Display Network
    • Placements meaning and when to use it
    • Display Keywords
    • Topics objective
    • Google Sponsored Promotion Ads
    • How to set up conversion Tracking for Display Network
    • About video advertising
    • Benefits of Video Advertising
    • When to use Video Advertising
    • Planning and Implementation
    • Creating video channel in YouTube
    • optimizing the video channel
    • Linking Video channel
    • Campaign creation, management and performance
    • Ad formats, targeting and remarketing
    • Objectives under video advertising
    • When to bumper ads
    • Video advertising policies
    • Generating Reports
    • Reporting and ROI
    • Mobile advertising overview
    • How to set up mobile marketing campaign
    • How to promote mobile app installs
    • How to promote mobile app engagement
    • How to link plays store account to adwords
    • Ad formats and campaign creation
    • Bidding, keywords and targeting
    • Extensions and Mobile Display
    • Marketing objectives under mobile advertising
    • Image and Video sizes
    • Tracking and analytics
    • Measurement and optimization
    • Work on live projects
    • Deeply understand campaign optimization structure
    • Understand the bidding optimization
    • Expertise in creating creative ads
    • Loads of live assignments
    • Keyword Planner
    • Display Planner
    • Adwords Editor
    • Case Study
    • Adwords Certified Professional
    • Search advertising certification
    • Display advertising certification
    • Video advertising certification
    • Mobile advertising certification

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    15000+ Happy Students and Counting